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Introduction to Glasgow Polytechnic Chess Club

Founded in 1919 our club is believed to be the oldest active chess club in Glasgow. This Scottish chess club’s name is derived from its original meeting place, the smoke room of the John Anderson Royal Polytechnic Warehouse, which was located at 93-99 Argyle Street.

The word polytechnic in the 1910's is what we would now call a department store.

Glasgow Polytechnic Chess Club, existing for more than a hundred years, in a number of different locations in Glasgow, has produced many important Scottish Chess players. Our history section gives more detailed information.

However, this is a living club. It is about playing over the board chess, in all of its aspects. And with the coming of the pandemic the Polytechnic has become more involved in online chess. Thanks to our President, John Larkin, we have an online club competition where we compete for the John Larkin Cup which he kindly donated. This has added to our over the board trophies, such as the Lyon Trophy and the Macmartin Trophy.

Our club has a diverse membership, reflecting on the Polytechnic' s past, being one of the first to have non-male adult members. It seems strange to write this today - but in the 1900s chess was a male preserve. However, the Polytechnic was having nothing to do with this - in the 1920's having players such as Florence Frankland Thomson, six time Scottish Ladies' Champion.

Our Glasgow members play chess in many different competitions, and some members travel afar to play in chess tournaments.

Our Scottish chess club extends a warm welcome to new members. Our activities cater for chess players of all skill levels from novice to grand master. You are welcome to attend up to three times before you decide to become a member.

If you enjoy chess, or wanting to learn how to play, the Glasgow Polytechnic Chess Club will give you a warm welcome.