Ken Stewart, President, that there were some good things, some less good this season. The club won one League trophy - Dumbarton League Knock Out Competition.

Ken commended the best players from each division in each League.

Glasgow Chess League

Larry Kirk did well in Division 1 with 5.5/8. In Division 2 Daniel Breslin scored 6/9, Gilbert Alomenu 5/7. Craig Fay was best performing player in Division 3 with 1.5/3.

Dumbarton League

Helge Magnusson had an outstanding performance in the Poly Rooks team with 8/9, which includes 4/4 in the KO!

Julien Papillon was a strong player for the Poly Bishops. His performance far exceeding his stated grading.

This year's Club Champion was David Watt, persented with the Lyon Trophy (in absentia).

The MacMartin Trophy for the best-performing U1600 player, and the Thomson Trophy for Player of the Year were presented to Daniel Breslin.

Council 2018-19

Ken Stewart - President

Dairena Gaffney - Secretary

Treasurer - Richard Hall (new Council member)

Captain - Iain Swan

Ordinary Members

Jim Prentice, Alastair McIntyre, Andy Heron

Alastair McIntyre was stepping down from his role of many years as Treasurer, but was remaining on the Council. Many thanks for all his work as Treasurer.

Ken regretted to inform the members that David Watt has chosen to play for Bearsden next season. A formal letter of thanks for all his work will be sent to him. He was the GCL A team captain, the Webmaster and chauffeur.

For more detailed information the Poly AGM minutes will be available later, and hopefully as a download from the website.