Nakamura vs Komodo

The contest was in two parts. Hikaru played all 20 levels of Komodo. Hikaru played white in all these games. The time control was five minutes with a five second increment. Hikaru won a brilliant 19 out of 20 of the games. He beat Komodo at all levels, except level 20. 

Hikaru Nakamura then played three games against the new engine - Komodo Monte Carlo. The new engine was rated at 2960, whilst Hikaru was rated at 2787. To compensate, in the first game, Komodo's f7 pawn was removed, and Hikaru - white - was also given an extra pawn. The second game, one of Hikaru's pawns was replaced with an extra Knight. The third game - called Nightmare - had all of Komodo's back rank pieces transformed into Knights. Hikaru had his two Knights removed. Very strange.

Nakamura drew all the three games. Komodo Monte Carlo was a strong opponent. But not quite human. This was clear during the endgame of the second game, where Hikaru and Komodo were left with only their King and a single Knight each. Komodo again and  again refused accept Hikaru's Knight. It did not immediately understand that the position was a draw. It was good to know that Komodo Monte Carlo was not yet perfect.