Did you think this post was about Nakamura vs Komodo? 

No. It is about my fight with Google and Bing to be recognised and ranked in Search Engines. It is about encouraging the correct bots to crawl and try and understand our web pages. It is about having the correct meta tags, keywords - though most say that the bots now ignore these unless you try keyword stuffing, and then you will be penalised for months. It is about having the site validated by Google and Bing which ours is by adding some special code. And to be ranked you now have to be mobile friendly. So for each page you need to deal with mobile, tablet, and two desktop sizes. And lots more - are your pages minimized? How about your CSS? The battle goes on and on. And the algorithms are secret. You are not told the exact criteria - only hints. Man vs machine without a doubt. And did I mention back-links?

So when I heard that Nakamura vs Komodo was taking place tomorrow, Sunday 16th June at 6pm BST, 10am Pacific time, then I think you know who I am backing.

Can Hikaru get his revenge? Komodo 9 got the best of him on January 2016. Hikaru will play Komodo from level 1 to 20, playing white with a time control of 5 minutes plus five seconds increment. And after that he will play against the latest version - Komodo Monte Carlo. You will be able to see this battle on chess.com/tv and twitch.tv.chess. Good luck Hikaru Nakamura.

Now back to the real battle - but I will take time out to see how far A.I. has come.