Glasgow League

In Division 1, Poly A had their best result of the season, thrashing Phones A 7-1, but then lost to Hamilton A and Paisley A. The leaders are Stepps A (14/18 match points), Paisley A (12/16), Cathcart A and Hamilton A (12/18). Poly A finished in mid-table, handicapped by inconsistent performances and frequent absences of key players. Poly A's best scorers were Larry Kirk (5.5/8) and John Larkin (5/8).

In Division 2, Poly B finished with wins over Phones B and Renfrewshire, a loss to Inverclyde, and a draw with Stepps B. The leaders are Inverclyde (16/18 match points), Dalmuir, Poly B, and Cumbernauld (11/18). Dalmuir gained promotion along with Inverclyde on the narrowest possible margin of 0.5 game point. Poly A's best scorers were Danny Breslin (6/9) and Gilbert Alomenu (5/7).

In Division 3a, Poly C finished with losses to GU Camels (twice), Glasgow Montrose B, and Phones C. The runaway winners are GU Camels (20/20 match points). Poly C's best scorers were Craig Fay (2.5.5) and Dairena Gaffney (2.5/6).

Dunbartonshire League

In Division 1, Poly Rooks finished strongly with wins over Cumbernauld, Bearsden B, and EK Wanderers. The leaders are Stepps A (14/14 match points), Bearsden A and Poly Rooks (10/14). Poly Rooks' best scorers were Lewis Brookens (4.5/7), Iain Swan and Helge Magnussen (4/5).

In Division 2, Poly Bishops finished with losses to EK Rovers and Concord. The leaders are EK Rovers and Dalmuir (12/14 match points). Poly Bishops' best scorer was Julien Papillon (1.5/3).

In the Knock-Out, Poly Rooks triumphed by beating Stepps A in the semi-final and Bearsden B in the final. Beating the strong Stepps team, with an average grading difference of -292 per board, was a tremendous achievement. Well done!