Glasgow League

In Division 1, an under-strength Poly A were outgunned by a full-strength Bearsden team, and have fallen back into mid-table. The leaders are Cathcart (7/8 match points), Stepps A (6/8), and Bellshill A (5/8).
In Division 2, Poly B drew with Cumbernauld and remain in mid-table. The leaders are Dalmuir (9/10), Inverclyde (6/8), and Cumbernauld (5/10).
In Division 3a, Poly C drew with Bearsden B but lost to Glasgow Montrose B. The leaders are GU Camels (8/8), Bearsden B (5/6), and Glasgow Montrose B (5/10).

Dunbartonshire League

In Division 1, Poly Rooks lost to Stepps A. The leaders are Stepps A (6/6), Bearsden A (5/6), and Paisley (3/4).