Glasgow League

In Division 1, Poly A finally won a match, against East Kilbride. Hamilton still lead with 6/6 match points, followed by Cathcart with 5/6 and Stepps with 5/8.

In Division 2, Poly B convincingly beat Hamilton B. Bellshill A and Dalmuir lead with 6/6 match points, followed by Cumbernauld on 4/4, and Poly B and Phones B with 4/8.

In Division 3a, Poly C beat Giffnock B. Paisley B still lead with 8/8 match points, followed by Poly C with 4/6.

Dunbartonshire League

In Division 2, Poly Bishops beat Dalmuir B. Bearsden B and Poly Bishops now lead with 6/8 match points, followed by Paisley with 4/4 and Dalmuir B with 4/6.

In the Knockout, Poly Rooks unsurprisingly eliminated Poly Bishops.