Glasgow League

In Division 1, Poly A had already completed all their matches. The division winners were Paisley, (15/18), followed by Cathcart A (14/18), Hamilton A and Stepps A (12/18). Poly A finished 7th with 8/18. Our best scorers were Iain Swan (3.5/5), Larry Kirk (2.5/3), and Junhao Xian (3/4).

In Division 2, Poly B lost badly to Giffnock A. The division winners were Bellshill A (16/18). Poly B finished 6th with 9/18. Our best scorers were Gilbert Alomenu (3/5), Graeme King (4/7), and Danny Breslin (5/9).

In Division 3a, Poly C lost to Bellshill B. The division winners were Paisley B (20/20). Poly B finished 5th with 6/20. Our best scorers were Ilya Lerma Boutko (2/2) and Alice Benson (1/1) - both newcomers!

Dunbartonshire League

In Division 1, Poly Rooks lost to Stepps A. This match doubled up as the KO final (unfortunately for us). The division winners were Bearsden A (15/16) followed by Stepps A (14/16) and Poly Rooks (12/16). Our best scorers were Helge Magnussen (4.5/5) and Iain Swan (4/6).

In Division 2, Poly Bishops lost to Paisley. The division winners were Bearsden B (12/14) followed by Paisley (11/14). Poly Bishops finished 4th with 7/14. Our best scorers were Mahmoud Alagha (2/2) and Gilbert Alomenu (4/6).