Glasgow League

In Division 1, Poly A lost to Stepps but defeated Inverclyde. So we finished with 8/18 match points. The leaders are now Cathcart A with 14/18, Paisley A with 13/16, Hamilton A and Stepps with 12/16. Paisley are expected to win their last match and the championship.

In Division 2, Poly B lost to Dalmuir. The leaders are now Bellshill A with 16/18 match points, and Dalmuir with 12/16. Bellshill's late winning streak has secured the championship.

In Division 3a, Poly C dew with both Bellshill B and Hamilton D. Paisley B topped the division convincingly with 20/20 match points.

Dunbartonshire League

In Division 1, Poly Rooks beat EK Wanderers and Bellshill. The leaders are now Bearsden A with 15/16 match points, followed by Stepps A and Poly Rooks with 12/14. Bearsden are champions, regardless of the remaining match between Stepps A and Poly Rooks.